This Is Now a Benthos Blog

I can’t be bothered to maintain two separate blogs

May 27, 2019

As Benthos matures I’m increasingly in need of a blog site for announcing and/or justifying my otherwise inexplicable decisions.

Since this blog is mostly stale due to my commitments to Benthos - or, rather, I have a shinier toy to play with than this site - I think it makes sense for me to merge the two together.

“Why not ditch this trash blog and focus on a pure Benthos blog?”

Mind your own business, idiot. What if I want to post stuff that’s unrelated to Benthos? Your opinion is awful and will never be relevant.

“Meta posts like this are boring”

Now that’s a sentiment I can get behind! As compensation here’s an image of me as a Jelly Baby being hugged to death by the Benthos blobfish.

hug of death

I hope you learned a lot from this post and that you take away its key lessons and allow them to shape your future. Thanks for reading!