I’m Ashley Jeffs, a Senior Software Developer based in Reading, UK. I have a degree in Robotics, and some research papers published in the field of Cybernetics.

As a profession I design and build stream processing services for data analytics platforms and maintain the open source stream processor Benthos.

I put some of my junk on here and Github, other junk I keep to myself, the occasional piece of junk will be for commercial purposes. I also sometimes talk about my junk on YouTube.

I promise that I am a real human being, as proof here’s a photograph of me on holiday:

Proof I'm not a robot

In order to take this picture there must have been another person present, which proves that I have at least one acquaintance. (Do NOT share this image on the internet.)


If you have positive feedback about my site or projects then that’s great. Nice comments are wonderful and you’re a great person for wanting me to hear those exclusively good things that you feel. Go ahead and get them to me by usual means.

Watch your back.